Our services:

Auto Keys is the best place to buy used cars as we are one of the finest imported car dealers in Karachi. We have wide range of used cars for sale in Karachi. We understand that purchasing or selling a car in your desired budget needs much effort. Visiting different showrooms and car dealers is a time-consuming task. Keeping all these hurdles and difficulties in mind, we’ve come up with a convenient method for our customers. You can get easy access to car dealers in Karachi, you can easily purchase or sell new and used car. Auto Keys is a brand that has made car deals with over 1000+ customers since 1990. Most importantly we provide used cars on installments in Karachi.

At Auto Keys our customers are our key to success and we try our best to provide you with quality services. Moreover we offer easy facility of trading which consists of both buying and selling.

Cars For Sale:

We provide you with a platform where you can sell your car at your terms and conditions. You can also trade car or order new imported cars. Here we provide you with the flexibility of payment in easy installments for new orders and in trading. Our car dealers in Karachi can show you used cars and new automatic cars in their showrooms. We are the best services in town with the convenience of online trading and direct showroom access. Now you can easily trade your old manual cars for new models, be it a used automatic car or an expensive imported model. With our modern technology, you can now sit back and relax! let us do all the searching and paperwork for you. Just let us know your demands and budget we will get the best for you.

  • Honest Examination
  • A careful survey of the market
  • Appropriate pricing
  • Easiest sale and purchase
  • Immediate dealing
  • Valid registration and paperwork

We have all types of cars for sale. We also offer a walk-in and offer service, which differentiates us amongst all other companies having the same variety of cars for sale. This allows the customer to spectate the customer’s cars for sale, and give an offer with an instant payment if the offer is accepted. This service is a great opportunity for those willing to put their cars for sale in a good price, and get money urgent, as well as it benefits those excited customers who want to buy their SUV in urgency. This helps in customer to customer dealing, with no involvement of our company. We work as a platform to increase the public exposure for your cars for sale, for which Auto Keys charges the least possible charges.



You Want To Have Your Favorite Car?

We have a big list of modern & classic cars in both used and new categories.